Banjo Kippin & Banjo Kiplet (Bundle 5)

Banjo Kippin & Banjo Kiplet

Banjo Kippin & Banjo Kiplet (Bundle 5)

Bundle 5 ... Banjo Kippin cuddle blankie & Banjo Kiplet soft rattle with detachable natural beechwood teething ring.

Welcome to our world, where a magical story and Kippiny friends bring something special to bedtime. Made from the purest certified organic cotton and ethically made, Kippins baby cuddle blankies are more than a source of comfort – they are little friends to help them change the world! Join our world through our stories - the KippinTales - and start your own story of a beautiful Kippiny friendship with our cuddle blankies, wraps, rattles, baby play mats and more that will take you on a journey to the magical land of Kippi.