Comfortchew, Pink Polka Dot

Pink Cuddle Fleece Reverse & Attachable Teether

Comfortchew, Pink Polka Dot

It’s good to chomp

The attachable teething comforter with baby’s four favourite essentials – comforter, teether, tags and the feel of their favourite teddy.

Cuddle and chew I'm attached to you!

Chewable. Comforter. Stimulating. Attached, Washable and Safe

Funky prints with cuddle fleece reverse.

Stimulating ribbon tags and elasticated link for attaching to the baby’s wrist, cot, car seat, buggy or dummy.
Your baby will love the texture of ‘Chewy’ our hippo teether attached. His rounded shape is great for little hands and he can reach all of those pesky molars! Your little one can chomp their teething troubles away and help those little teeth break free. When the chewing stage is eventually over, ‘Chewy’ will still be their little squidgy friend!


Attached teether;
Patterned fabric - 95% Cotton 5% Elastane;
Attached teether;
Cuddle fleece reverse;
BPA and Phthalates free;
Machine washable at 40 degrees;
Contains no Phthalates or BPA;
Made in the UK.