MultiMuslin, Zebra Dreams

Soft Aqua, Jumping Zebras

MultiMuslin, Zebra Dreams

Made from brilliantly breathable 100% organic muslin: natural, cuddle-able and super soft.

One beautiful organic muslin, six clever uses.


Breastfeeding cover - attachable rings, click together for instant cover;

Pram cover - innovative attachable pram cover; **

Teething rings - attachable, super-safe, silicon teething rings;

Burp cloth - comfortable, absorbent and attaches so it stays put;

Swaddle - breathable soft cosy swaddle;

Blanket - super soft attachable lightweight blanket;

Design: Soft aqua green with fun jumping Zebra's and a stylish grey trim.

Comes in a beautiful cheeky gift box.

**It is always advised to make sure your baby doesn't overheat, especially on really hot days. The MultiMuslin has an open weave and is a single breathable layer of lightweight muslin, which can offer a solution to give your baby some shade when you feel it's safe.