Flamingo Key Chain, Cerise, 12 cm

Flamingo Key Chain, Cerise, 12 cm

Histoire d’Ours, Paris 


Girls & Glitter Xx


All New Collections: Flamingos, Llamas, Swans & Unicorns : Irresistible, Chic & Original!


Inspired by childhood memories and overflowing with tenderness, each creation of the brand Bear Story is imagined and prototyped in France, on the site of Taverny, by talented and passionate designers. Each of them has kept his child's soul to imagine the soft toys of tomorrow.

A timeless aestheticism combined with infinite softness.

Particularly soft, these products have a choice of materials that are more enjoyable for the child. The brand also favours classic and very soft colours.

Unique expertise and unsurpassed quality.

Benefiting from recognized expertise and quality, Histoire d'Ours relies on traditional know-how and boasts excellence in manufacturing, where nothing is left to chance. Thus, the brand's fans appreciate the care given to each detail, which guarantees the satisfaction of the child, as well as his safety.


The Story of Bear brand is the origin of thousands of love stories, which began simply the day a child received a beautiful gift and discovered a new friend.


They are so adorable & everything your little one deserves - pick them up and they won't want to put them down! With their authenticity, tradition and quality, these beautifully made indulgent toys are the perfect gifts to treasure forever.


Each creation is approved by the CE Safety Standard and can be nibbled or handled without any risk to the toddler.


When they become too loved simply pop them in the washing machine at 30° for years of fun and affection.


Key Chains & Musicals please surface wash.