Muslin Neckerchew, Cheeky Hippo

Green Stars & Chewy the Hippo

Muslin Neckerchew, Cheeky Hippo

Our award-winning chewy dribble bib with the added natural magic of muslin.


Made with 100% soft organic muslin, super-soft and gentle.

Chewy teether - the soft and pliable textured teething triangle gives a great bite using an innovative dimpled design;

Attached - the teether is attached to the bib so no more picking up dropped teether;

Suitable from 2 months - 2 years;

Absorbent - super soft muslin with an absorbent middle layer, a perfect dribble catcher;

Lightweight - lightweight fabric delicate on young skin.


Design: White with green stars and Chewy our grey hippo.